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    The deeply reactivating concentrate and day care actively contribute to counteracting the visible effects of menopause on the skin. (High-dose Pro-Xylane compacts the skin structure for more firmness and defined facial contours Hyaluronic acid binds moisture and gives the skin a firm appearance and a pleasant feeling of freshness.) Treat yourself to an extra helping! Care, not french fries A balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, fish and fiber-rich cereals is especially important right now - against osteoporosis, constipation, sweating and excess pounds. Even soy-containing EverFirm Serum foods such as tofu are now helpful because they mitigate the declining production of endogenous hormones thanks to the phyto-estrogens. The skin, however, now tolerates an extra portion of valuable ingredients - other than before the menopause. For example, Pro-Xylane compresses the skin structure, provides more firmness and defined contours; Hédione promotes the natural production of lipids for a smoother complexion; Hepes supports the cell renewal and fights the so-called parchment skin. Any form of dryness can be counteracted The perfect fresh-up for in between is a puff from the thermal water can. It does the skin good and invigorates the senses. Also, the mandatory tip of two to three liters of mineral water per day may not be missing here.

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