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    lash rejuv lot of eyelashes. But fortunately I have long lashes, sometimes I need these tricks to get my tabs to see more volume and special events, no lashes usually use fake because I have other tricks to make my eyelashes look longer only with Make-up help. Makeup tips for longer and bulky lashes 1. Before I talk about makeup tips, it's important to remember that every night we remove the makeup from face and eyes to avoid dust clogging, premature wrinkles and falling eyelashes. As we consent to our body and face, it is also important that we keep our eyelashes so that they are always strong and beautiful, so I invite you to read our articles on eyelash care and also a treatment house that will strengthen, eyelashes In a short period of time I use every night: Home treatment to grow eyelashes 7 tips to protect your eyelashes Tips for makeup for cumbersome, longer eyelashes 2. The first thing to do before putting my eyelashes is to apply a bit of compact powder for the eyes and eyelashes to emphasize, to continue with the laughing element commonly used (lid, spoon, laughing cards). Apply compact powder again to the boards, as it will be thicker in this way, applying the card, resulting in mays volume. 3. Now apply a bit black or black eyeliner eyeliner inside the eye, and usually not draw the eye itself, but just an inside, so create the effect of having multiple tabs. If you want, you can sketch your eyes, make a thin or thick line on the cards and create the same effect. 4. I use two types of cards: a volume detail and another to lengthen my lashes and explain to them why I do it. Before you begin to apply a thin layer of eyelashes to give volume to all the cards and let it dry well. If stick flanges, I peel them with the help of a lash brush or a needle to be careful not to pinch. 5.


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