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    easier than boys because it's hard to find pretty outfits for boys this is gonna boTher me mhm I'm waiting till The end of this month so I can get I wanted my kids t Reducelant Garcinia o get Their upgrade first on Their phones so They're happy with Their phones well it's why I said that in my chair it's in The world where I sit at in The chair where The computer is um I um oh well The oTher child she won't be seeing her phone for a little while longer because she really needs to learn that what she did was unacceptable unacceptable I don't play that that's one thing I do not play be careful yeah I love my little dolls I love Them so much thank you so much let's see how long These kids can keep this kitchen clean I like to see boys play because They um They can find anything to play with and be content There we go cause you always having some problems yo this is my prop for right now because I said I was gonna stop sitting upstairs and start spending a little bit

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